10 Min Core Workout – No Equipment

💪#BeConsistent 💪 Ok, 10 minutes, get off that 🍑 and do this 10 min Core ⚡️Workout video. Remember, it starts with 10-15 minutes each day, just build it back up and get where you want to be. Screw the ‘smash the shit out of your body’ kinda approach, just do it daily, start small and specific, just get it done, then work up towards the next level. If you want a workout to try out when you’re feeling a bit stiff and mince-pied-out, then go for a B’Strength or B’Lift class!

🔥In the words of Nike with an extra 👊…just bloody do it
🔥The videos here…
🔥15 minutes….your choice
🔥Click the link in the bio
🔥Click on the video

💪Trainer who programmed the workout and starred in it is our amazing trainer Patrycia

(IG: @puchpatrycia)

Then go enjoy yourself some more pre NY bubbles! Merry Christmas Girls.

Love the Beattitude Team xx

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