15 Excuses Girls Use To Skip Their Winter Workouts

We are all human, and winter is that time of the year where it seems that little bit harder to muster up the motivation to workout and eat healthy. And that’s when the excuses pot comes out of the cupboard!

While those excuses might sound perfectly legitimate to you at the time, they are not reasons to pack in your session. In fact, if you can get past your excuses and just do it, you will come out wondering why you ever had a reason not to go in the first place. You know that feeling! Satisfaction, reward, blood rushing through your body and warmth…oh the warmth!

So, here are some of the funniest one’s our trainers have heard during their time working in the fitness industry! (ps we have all SO done 2, 3, 9 and 10!)

1. “It’s too cold. So…no”

2. “I drove all the way to my gym, got out of my car, and then realised I had forgotten my headphones. I can’t workout without them!”

3. “I’m so hungry. If I eat right now, I’ll be too full and have a bad workout. BUT if I don’t eat, then I’ll be so weak and still have a bad workout. I’ll just eat”

4. “The next time anyone will actually see my body will be around May. I have tons of time. There’s no point in working out now.”

5. “That call to my friend who’s just broken up with her boyfriend was really draining. Screw the gym, I need a glass of wine instead!”

6. “Wow is that the time?!…I’ll never make it now so I’ll just have to skip it this time”

7. “My car has ice on it and I don’t have any antifreeze…”

8. “I just did my hair, I’ll go tomorrow”

9. “It’s fine if I don’t go to the gym today because I’ll go for a run and then yoga and then HIIT on Saturday. It’s just so much easier to work out when I haven’t been at work all day!”

10. “I meant to wash my gym kit last night, I can’t go in sweaty leftovers I would stink”

11. “My gym buddy has cancelled, I might as well not bother!”

12. “I’ll just do some yoga in my room before bed.” (never happens)

13. “My boyfriend had my phone and was supposed to wake me up”

14. “There’s no way I can fit a workout, shower AND Tinder date into one night.”

15. “I’ll think about it” (Then instantly forget)

Stop making excuses, to your friend, your boyfriend, your mum or even yourself. Give yourself a focus this Winter, but let’s not focus on weight loss. Join our December Challenge, just attend 12 classes (remember we have 30 min ones, and grab yourself a free upgrade for January OR a free 30 day weight loss plan!).