8 ways to stop sabotaging your weight loss in 2018

Many of us are or have been actively trying to lose weight. Even more of us actually have a different goal of keep it off. It is easy to drop a few pounds, but getting past that point, and keeping it off is actually what most women do want. There are many reasons why we seem to get to this point…


  • A program is too drastic and we cannot maintain it
  • We are not consistent enough, we jump ship and change something nearly every week
  • We revert back to our learnt behaviours of over-exercising and undereating.
  • We don’t trust the process or ourselves to be able to complete what we set out to do


So how can we turn this around?


The first thing to realise is that you DO know what to do, you know that eating a little healthier, and portioning, as well as moving more will help you drop weight. It is the process that you get confused about, and through processes that stop you from getting further. Here’s why…



So many diets offer a quick fix, or drop weight fast, with drastic alterations to your diet that you simply cannot change long term, which leads to us dropping SOME weight, but dropping the program or plan before we get anywhere close to our wants. Rather, decide to make small, consistent changes which will keep you on plan, and on track for further results.



Many of us use exercise as a punishment for the things that we eat. I think you would be rather surprised about how much your exercise does actually counteract a blow out. It helps, sure, but it doesn’t burn the entire thing. So, firstly using exercise as the punishment or way out of eating a lot is the wrong way of thinking about the process. We also jump straight into a workout plan without looking at the food we are eating. Exercise and diet go hand in hand, we use exercise to tone, drop fat and to stimulate our fat burning factories, as well as help manage our energy output. BUT! We also do need to manage our diet. The nourishment that we eat will directly impact our energy, which is needed to workout with!



Going too hard or aiming your goals too big both have the same impact on many people, they breed failure. When we haven’t worked out for a while, we actually need to gently wake up and shake up our fat burning factories (called our mitochondria) to get the best out of our workouts, so moving back into your workouts gently will help make these bods much more efficient. Along with this, if you suffer from several days of DOMS (that really bad muscle soreness) you won’t workout, or if you do, your body will not workout well. DOMS is OK and what happens post workout sometimes, but serious DOMS can stop you from sustaining your program.



Many of us begin a program, plan or exercise routine without contemplating the hurdles that we will come across. When we have a plan B and C we then give ourselves less excuse to stop or miss a session. For example, if work keeps you back and you miss workout, what is going to be your plan B? Will you have a home workout that you will do in this case that takes you 30 mins, and needs no equipment? Having a plan B will give you less excuse to miss a workout. The same goes for getting to a workout in the morning, have your gear ready on the night time, you will have less excuse when you cannot find your kit and end up late , missing the workout. Being aware of the hurdles you will come up with and having a plan B is crucial, because life is never straight forwards!



This really comes down to seeing foods as good or bad. It’s a learnt behaviour that we have gained through friends, family, media and experience. Using words such as ‘cheat meals’ can really set in a learnt behaviour towards food that sees it as a reward, which means the rest of the time, we can feel more restricted. Foods are simply more helpful or less helpful to the goal you want to achieve. For guys foods that will be more helpful to their goals, and the sizes of these will be different to girls and our goals.



When we sleep lots of wonderful things happen, including the recovery and rest of our body, which allows for cortisol levels to lower. Being sleep deprived can also cause us to reach for the more stimulate foods such as coffee and sugar, which then becomes a real cycle of energy dips.



This isn’t just with our goals but with what we set out to do. When we set out to start a fitness goal, or weight management / loss goal, the things we are putting in place or changing are actually expectations. Too many expectations and we feel much more under pressure. To create a plan, and a program that we can sustain long term we need to look at not increasing the amount of pressure, but being able to deal with the changes, over time, without feeling restricted or under so much pressure that we give up.



Do you ever compare yourself to what you “used” to look like? Or the size you “used “ to be? Working with women every day, I hear this a lot. A comparison of what they used to look like or be able to do. Life changes and so do you. Setting yourself a goal of what you used to look like without assessing what your life actually is right now, and perhaps how it has changed along with limitations that are now part of your lifestyle is a HUGE part to keeping consistent.  So have a re-think about what IS possible and what you really want.


Be kinder to yourself, and enjoy being in your body more. You DO know what to do, it’s just elements such as these that really pull us back from being consistent. And consistency as boring as it sounds, is absolute key.


I hope this helps!



Siobhan and the Beattitude Team




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