Siobhan Middleton

From the ballet barre to barbells. Meet the ex-dancer turned Olympic weight lifting lover who’s on a mission to transform the way women train.

Siobhan set out to remodel fitness for women by providing bespoke classes with flexible and progressive workout levels. Siobhan is a fully qualified personal trainer, movement specialist and nutritionist with specialist training in pre and postnatal fitness and applied functional science. Her mission is to provide women with effective, inspiring and innovative fitness classes and nutritional plans within one club and community.

After experiencing her own battle to develop and maintain a healthy approach to food and exercise, during her years of training as a professional dancer, Siobhan became determined to help other women. Driven by a fascination to learn how the body functions and a desire to take control, she decided to educate herself about food and the relationship it has to fitness. It was during this time that she realised the importance of fuelling your body correctly and not over-training. Her mindset shifted and she moved away from the professional dance scene, took up weight lifting and began to work full time as a personal trainer.

Early on in her career as a personal trainer, Siobhan realised that many gyms and studios didn’t offer any specific training or support to enable women to reach their fitness goals, including options for pre/postnatal clients. Many were becoming frustrated with their lack of results, leading to a negative mindset and an unbalanced approach to food and exercise. She was passionate about sharing her knowledge and technical expertise with other women to enable them to see a positive change in their overall health and fitness levels as well as body confidence and weight management.

Siobhan then spent months developing and testing her own workouts and nutritional plans. Perseverance paid off and in 2014, she secured investment and founded the Beattitude Club, located in Earlsfield, South West London. The aim of the club was to create a dedicated female fitness studio, offering unique classes tailored for women of all ages and fitness abilities and provide highly efficient and effective workouts. The interest in the club was unprecedented and within three months, she needed to take on an additional trainer and within a year, classes were fully booked on a regular basis.

The rest, as they say, is history and 6 years later the Beattitude timetable has expanded with 7 dedicated trainers now working at the club and a thriving community of members!



There is a great deal of conflicting information within the world of health, fitness, and nutrition. Our workouts and educational nutritional plans are built to empower women by educating them about their bodies to help them improve their overall health and fitness levels and increase body confidence. We achieve this by combining the many strengths of our team of expert trainers all in one reliable powerhouse; the Beattitude club.



Beattitude’s founder Siobhan, is extremely passionate about this topic. She does not feel that women should have to pay more to get the service and professionalism that they need and want. Offering women an affordable yet high-quality service is one of the main mission statements of Beattitude. 



Many classes adopt a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, not taking into account different body types, varying fitness levels and significant stages of life for many women such as during pregnancy, postnatal and the menopause. Women have specific needs when it comes to fitness and nutrition and the same fitness plans can not be expected to work for everyone. This is why at Beattitde, we have created a unique class programming system which offers different levels and techniques and uses ‘exercise codes’ for easy understanding during the class. Our team of expert trainers are on hand to alter all exercises for women working with injuries, pre/postnatal clients or those with diastasis.