Keep your metabolism burning this winter

We all hear about it, but don’t necessarily know about it. Metabolism. We’ve been thinking, what is it you need to understand, so come January, you still feel comfortable in your clothes. We’re going to break this down for you…


Bad Knees? Try These 2 Things

Next time you squat, lunge or move, change these two things and see if your knee pain decreases.

Do You NEED to Workout to Manage Your Weight?

When women want to lose weight, the focus should not about how much you weight (unless you are in the bracket that needs to for health reasons), but instead about staying healthy, getting strong and having total body confidence. BUT do you really need to exercise to achieve weight management / loss AND have all of this too?

Is it Worth Exercising Once or Twice a Week?

For many women, mums or not, finding time to fit in your workout can be a bit of a struggle. Media sometimes suggests that you must exercise more than once or twice a week to gain the results that you want, but is that true? Can it still work if you can only make one or two sessions a week?

Overcome The Nerves Of Starting A New Fitness Club

We’ve all been there, we have all felt nervous about being the newbie in class or starting a new fitness club or gym. Sometimes first time nerves even stop us from giving something new a try. But you’re not alone. Everyone feels the nerves. But remember, nerves are good! It means whatever you are doing is important to you so utilise them and make them work for you. Nerves activate your ‘fight or flight’ so use this adrenaline to get ahead!

15 Excuses Girls Use To Skip Their Winter Workouts

We are all human, and winter is that time of the year where it seems that little bit harder to muster up the motivation to workout and eat healthy. And that’s when the excuses pot comes out of the cupboard! So, here are some of the funniest one’s our trainers have heard during their time working in the fitness industry! (ps we have all SO done 2, 3, 9 and 10!)

Make your workout more effective by doing this…

Hands up who warms up properly? Oh come on, we know  like 90% of us don’t – well don’t every time!  And that’s probably doubly true when it comes to going for a run… truth bomb… a slow jog is NOT a warm up!

I get so nervous when I start a new fitness class/club

Hands up if you get a massive delivery of nervous butterflies in your tummy when you attend a new fitness club or a new class? What is with that? Why do we get so nervous? Here’s our view…