Overcome The Nerves Of Starting A New Fitness Club

We’ve all been there, we have all felt nervous about being the newbie in class or starting a new fitness club or gym. Sometimes first time nerves even stop us from giving something new a try. But you’re not alone. Everyone feels the nerves. But remember, nerves are good! It means whatever you are doing is important to you so utilise them and make them work for you. Nerves activate your ‘fight or flight’ so use this adrenaline to get ahead!

Food for thought, weight loss and health

Did you know that we actually have a ‘second brain’, another organ that also controls just as much of our highs and lows, both physical and mental. Something that we have been missing and may just perhaps be the key to health, happiness and wellbeing.

You Need Vitamin D, But Are You Getting Enough?

Most people don’t know why Vitamin D is so important to our health and, even if they do, they probably still don’t get enough of it daily. We tend to rely on the sunlight for our Vitamin D needs but what about during Winter when even the sun is not able to help us. It’s not found naturally in many foods, and only fortified (added) in some however it’s absolutely essential to good health. So, why isn’t more done about incorporating it into our diets and how can we make sure we get enough in order to avoid serious health problems related to a deficiency?

How To Avoid The January Crash Diet

Do you want to know how you can get through the Christmas binge AND avoid having to go on a January crash diet? Here’s some advice and tips on what you can do so you stay on track with your fitness and nutrition goals without having to be the party pooper.

Exercise For Fat Loss – The Basic Equation

What we want to do here is help you to understand the relationship between regular physical activity and nutrition, and how getting this right will help you if you’re looking to drop a few pounds or lose a few inches.