How Alcohol Impacts your Weight Loss and Hunger

A few glasses of rosé in the sun are are certainly a necessity this summer for many. But, when it comes to alcohol, do we actually understand how it affects our bodies and relates to our goals?As with everything, moderation is key, but let’s take a look at what alcohol is and what is actually going on when we order that extra glass of vino….

Weight Loss – Are You Legalising Overeating?

Some strategies that we put in place to support our weight loss can actually have the opposite effect and be counterproductive, leading us to gain weight or not lose any at all.

Foods that help to aid weight loss; understanding Macros

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to RECOGNISE what each food is? For example, what is a Nakd bar classed as? Are ‘protein’ bars an OK snack? Is a sandwich ok or do I have to live off superfood salads my entire life?!

Food for thought, weight loss and health

Did you know that we actually have a ‘second brain’, another organ that also controls just as much of our highs and lows, both physical and mental. Something that we have been missing and may just perhaps be the key to health, happiness and wellbeing.

The Scales Don’t Lie! Or Do They…

We often focus on body weight as a key indicator of our fitness level. It’s the motivation to ‘get fit’. It’s your point in which to determine if you are larger or smaller than ‘normal’. But should you be watching the scales for results? And how can you start losing fat, not just weight…

Break the cycle of seasonal dieting

If you’re consistently rushing to drop weight in summer and then waving goodbye to all that effort and achievement in winter, then you definitely need to read this blog. Not just for your mindset and relationship with food, but to cut costs and keep all those hard earned summer gains. So how do we break the cycle of the seasonal dieting?

How To Manage Body Fat And Still Socialise

Stop feeling guilty for going out or eating that piece of cake or that slice of pizza. Learn how to balance your hormones and be reliable to your body so you can go for nights out AND still manage your weight.

Make your workout more effective by doing this…

Hands up who warms up properly? Oh come on, we know  like 90% of us don’t – well don’t every time!  And that’s probably doubly true when it comes to going for a run… truth bomb… a slow jog is NOT a warm up!

A weight loss tip that doesn’t cost a penny! (and works like a dream)

Your gut is a seemingly annoying part of your body, but is actually a fantastic and fascinating tool that you should learn to use instead of abuse. Here’s why…