Creamy Broccoli Soup

Opting for more soups than salads now with the recent weather shift to ‘brrr’? We are too! Autumn/winter can be a time where we drink less water and eat less veg let’s make sure you are getting your greens in, and enjoying them. Here’s a recipe that will help you manage weight, feel full and keep your energy levels up plus give you that warm ‘comfort food’ feeling that we crave for at this time of year.

Chocolate Protein Mousse

When you are trying to eat a more balanced diet, one that matches or works to balance your energy in vs energy out, for weight loss or weight management, we can often revert back to thinking we have to restrict ourselves from foods that are ‘nicer’. There are many recipes that you can make that TASTE like you are eating those more wanted foods, but in fact you are eating a more balanced food. Below is a recipe for a chocolate pudding which is full of good fats and high in antioxidants.

Our Top 4 Snacks for Nut Lovers

Nuts get a bad rep sometimes and we are constantly told “I hear nuts are really fatty”. Absolutely you are correct, but they are also a great source of ‘good fats’ (mono- unsaturated fatty acids which promote an increase in HDL (good) cholesterol and helps to reduce LDL (BAD  cholesterol)). Here are our top 4 snacks for nut lovers!

Apricot and Cinnamon Oat Bars (Snack Time!)

Quite a few snacks can be fat heavy, and, although we need fats, this is often where we go over the top with our overall calorie intake. These bars have a great balance of fats, fruit and carbohydrates, which make SUCH a balanced snack, that is of course, tasty as well. Always a bonus.

Peanut Butter Dough Balls (Snack Time!)

Snacks can be one of the most difficult things to plan, and enjoy. Switch up the nuts and have one of these. They’re way more tasty, the can curb your cravings for chocolate and they are packed with healthy fats.

4 High Street Shop Lunch Options

Remember, food is just food. It is never bad or good, it is simply either less helpful or more helpful in relation to the goals you are working towards. These are 5 high street on the go lunch options that can help to support weight management, energy, hormonal health and wellbeing. 

The versatile raspberry and pistachio breakfast pudding

At least whatever the weather this recipe is an absolute winner. In cold weather, it’s just as good as warm oats, and in colder weather it’s a winner when it’s chilled. We always love a good versatile recipe which means you have to have less in your repertoire.

Healthy Chocolate Mousse; for when the craving hits

Regardless of how strong our willpower, hormones can effect our the cravings of which foods we desire. PMS is not just the 5 days you are ‘on’ but the entire month. Pre cycle, you can crave sugars in an enormous way, the same can be said when you start a new nutritional plan. We see it all the time with our clients.