30Day Nutritional Programme and Unlimited Classes

Killer workouts for every level and every body…
  • A variety of workouts that targeting core, booty, upper body and more
  • Boxing, Cardio, Circuits, Core, Yoga, Stretch, Strength; available in Low, medium and high levels
  • Functional weight training to sculpt and tone muscles
  • HIIT workouts that help increase your metabolic rate
  • Personal trainers that help teach you the proper form, no matter what level
  • Classes from 6am – 1pm and 6- 9pm, daily
  • Pick your workout length; 30, 45 and 60 minute classes

A meal plan that will fuel your body…

  • A dietician-approved plan, with delicious recipes
  • Vegetarian and meat options
  • Healthy pre and post workout snacks to refuel the right way
  • No calorie counting
  • Daily articles and strategies that will build up your knowledge to continue months after the plan has ended

Tools for a strong mind…

  • Access to our Facebook community for 24/7 support
  • Retrain your brain and view of food with our daily articles and advice 

Real time, visual changes…

  • Weekly body fat statistics to show you changes happening in real time
  • Get your own unique insight into how your body is changing; weight, hormones, body fat and girth.

BB30 gets proven results*

See what our girls have achieved


 This 30 day program is going to cut the crap about “dieting”, food fads, myths and stereotypes.

Ask yourself…

Is it better to eat egg whites or whole eggs? Why would you pick one over the other? Is it better to have honey, sugar or sweetener? How about Alcohol? We know it’s “bad” but why, and what’s the better option? What about fruit? To eat or not to eat? What if we said mayonnaise is ok? Would that surprise you?

Do you want to…

Be able to walk into a supermarket and know exactly what to buy and what each food group is? Read a restaurant menu and not have to convert everything into your diet calculator? 

We guarantee at the end of this program you will know what you need to make good choices and see changes. 

We also shed some light on gut health, fitness training and hormones.


“My clothes are baggy, I feel fitter, stronger, more confident and full of energy. The results are above and beyond what I could have ever hoped for”  — Lisa


“I was massively struggling with body image, and with feeling like I was getting old and was predicting an inevitable slide into frumpy mummy middle age…I lost 7lbs, but more importantly I lost 7cm of my tummy, 3cm of my bum and 3.5 cm of my thigh. I also dropped my body fat percentages quite considerably. I am also really pleased with the improvement in my fitness programmes and how much more energy I now have. It hasn’t been hard as I expected to fit it into my busy life and it has been well worth the effort.” — Karren


“I am a stay at home mother of 2 young girls who likes to keep fit doing a bit of running, a bit of yoga and weights. I was suffering from tiredness, insomnia and grazing all day with few proper meals. Also I seemed to live on coffee!…Definitely toned up, lost some excess weight and gained a lot of energy. I highly rate the plan…The support and enthusiasm and belief in yourself that the team gives is a huge motivation” — Sara


“I struggle with the nutrition side of things as I love junk food and am not a big fan of greens! I was worried about making healthy meals tasty and appealing! But the program is very easy – daily bitesize updates and very flexible class times…I had fat loss particularly around hips/waist which was my goal so I am very happy…if I had to persuade my friend I would simply show her my results and explain how much I learnt about nutrition!” — Anon (she didn’t want her name on here!)

“I’m a busy young professional who often has to travel regionally and internationally for work. I have never really enjoyed gym and have traditionally preferred dancing and swimming…I was struggling with some health issues and the lack of exercise was a contributing factor to the issues…The most important result for me was a massive increase in my energy levels! I also noticed that I felt calmer and less emotional. The fact that I lost a significant amount of weight and many cms was a bonus…The programme is really informative and helps educate you to make the best decisions on how you want to live your life.” — Stephanie


“I used to be a group fitness instructor and netball player but injured myself. The BB30 was my first training back after 3 surgeries and 18 months of physio…I was skeptical that I would be hungry and have low energy. I wondered if it might just be a quick fix and I wouldn’t actually learn anything for the long term…I found the program very easy. I did have some wobbly bits around nights and meals out but found myself learning how to pick healthier options…Just do it! You’ll get results and learn how your body reacts to food types.” — Georgie


“The program was, to my surprise, straightforward and easy. The recipes were easy to follow but what I liked about it was they were not set in stone. The program helps you realise what a “good plate of food” looks like and that we actually don’t need to eat as much as we think as long as it is balanced….I didn’t think it was possible but by the second week I had already shed an inch off my tummy and my body fat started to come down too, and it continued to do so. I was really surprised, I felt better, not so tired anymore, no more bloating and I noticed that the cellulite on my legs was fading!!” — Natascha


We don’t say no to going out or having a glass of wine. Educated choices over restriction!

The next program starts January 13th 2020!