A weight loss tip that doesn’t cost a penny! (and works like a dream)

Weight loss has become a lucrative business, full of expensive supplements and the ‘world’s best weight loss programme’ (which by the way can only be the world’s best if it works for everyone, which I am pretty sure none of them do!).

So, if we are a little tight on money but we still want to lose weight, keep on top of the food prep, increase energy levels and possibly even get rid of a consistent bloated stomach – that may I add could probably serve well as a life jacket in the event that you ever went overboard whilst on a leisurely boat trip this summer, where exactly do we start?

Your gut is a seemingly annoying part of your body, but is actually a fantastic and fascinating tool that you should learn to use instead of abuse. Here’s why…

Screaming is a baby’s only way of letting you know things are not ok, something is wrong. Similarly your gut has no other way than to send you signals, like bloating, or even pains so you know something isn’t quite right.

Here’s a few elements that might be making your gut scream:

1. Your immune system can be out of whack
2. Gut flora balance can be out of whack
3. The gut lining can be permeable, meaning that;
4. You might be intolerant to specific foods
5. You could have an imbalance of SIBOs (small intestinal bacteria – the good ones!)

These are some of the more common issues that you can experience. Essentially if your gut is unhappy, this will cause a knock-on effect on your ability to maintain a health weight loss/management plan and keep a balanced energy level throughout the day. Some of these issues can also cause bloating, pains and sickness too.

Your immune system and gut are key to weight loss, energy and health. If your gut is not happy neither will your body be.

Quick fun fact for you…it’s now accepted amongst many that the number of bacterial cells in our body outweighs that of our own human cells. And…did you know that these bacteria are in constant communication with our immune system. So what this really means is that they are likely to be the lead controller of our health. Make your gut happy and work with your body and you will get what you want.

So, let’s teach you one way to work with your gut. Chewing your food properly, that’s right…chewing your food will help you reach your goals.




It starts with how things go down the cakehole, otherwise known as chewing and digesting your food properly.

Ever heard your grandma say…’you’ll make yourself sick if you eat that too fast’.

Well good old grandma was speaking some truth there girls. Inhaling your food is not the most optimal way to digest it. There is a reason you were born with teeth – not just to look pretty in your school photos – but to chew and breakdown the food in your mouth properly before it enters your digestive system.

Not chewing your food properly means you are not using the tools your body gave you to do it’s job. Ultimately if you do not chew properly, you are going against the body.

Optimal digestion, or chewing properly, is extremely important to help with the breakdown of food in order to access vital vitamins and minerals so that they can then be absorbed properly.

But why do we need this for weight loss?

Our bodies need these vitamins and minerals for proper functioning to maintain a healthy hormonal balance and overall body health. Your hormones basically depict fat levels, energy, mood, and much more, so if your hormones are not balanced then neither will you be.

Remember – work with your body and you will get what you want.

A huge majority of us do not chew our food properly or, even realise that this (our digestive system) could be the weak link in our overall body health and weight loss puzzle.

We tend to lead very fast pace lifestyles and quite often continue the pace when we eat our food.

‘I just inhaled that!’ – Said almost everyone at some point in their lives.

Every part of our body is there to do a job so make sure your supporting it rather than making it work harder. Your mouth is the first point of call in this process and is the most important when it comes to releasing the vitamins and minerals properly to assist our bodies in digesting them. Most of us chew around 8-10 times before swallowing the food in large chunks when we should actually be chewing the food around 20 times before swallowing. As you know, food is made up of complex molecules. The teeth are there to break down these molecules into smaller chunks in order to make it easier to digest and be broken down by stomach acids. If you don’t chew your food properly, you send it to the stomach in a much more difficult form to break down.

Did you know the mouth is where carbohydrates are broken down (mainly)? This includes vegetables as well as bread, pasta, quinoa and other forms of carbs. Your saliva is there to also help break down the carbs. So next time you are eating, make sure to chew slower and take a little longer.

It doesn’t cost you anything, other than a few additional seconds, to make smaller portion sizes so that your body receives better vitamin and mineral uptake and you feel fuller. It’s just one of the techniques taught on our BeBikini programme.