How to overcome FOMO (fear of missing out) and get what you want

The tea station at work, brunch dates, the cinema pick and mix deal, BBQs, holidays, nights out with the girls, and even at the coffee shop when they ask, ‘would you like our croissant deal?’

Fear of missing out is probably one of the major aspects we tackle with our nutritional programs at Beattitude. If you haven’t got this fiend under some sort of control, it’s going to ruin all of your good efforts so far.

There are a few things to keep in mind when dealing with this fiend, and some to help you keep it at bay…

  1. Foods are neither good nor bad
  2. There is always something a little bit better
  3. It’s a decision, not a restriction

Firstly, FOMO happens when we view food as good or bad. If we label foods as ‘good’ or ‘bad’

That instantly makes them seem more pleasurable or less pleasurable in our minds. And, however hard we try to resist, we will always be driven towards the more pleasurable experience than the painful one.

If you view salads as ‘good foods’, you’re probably labelling them subconsciously as less pleasurable. This is going to make you more likely to experience FOMO when watching your friend eat that tasty, juicy meaty burger and chips at a BBQ this summer.

In fact, there are no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ foods, just more helpful or less helpful when looking at the effects they have on your body.

A plate of protein and carbs may be a guy’s key to muscle mass and increased weight but not to weight management or loss for a girl.

So, to get out of the FOMO with foods, you need to view them as less helpful or more helpful in relation to what you want to get out of your body or energy. To be able to do this, you must first know your goals. You need a driver that is strong enough for you to think…is this food going to be a little better or a little worse in relation to WHAT I NEED.

This viewpoint alone, gives so many of our members a helping hand when it comes to the FOMO fiend.

And lastly, there is absolutely NO restriction on what you eat.

There should be no-one forcing you to avoid certain foods.

In fact, you can, and should, eat whatever you want when you want.

You just chose not to when you have the right knowledge to know what’s better for your body and your goals.

And that is the biggest thing to take note of. You are the one who is deciding to eat a different option, it is not because you can’t. That way it’s easier for you to keep on track because you are in complete control.

Nutrition is about what you eat, but also about how you view food and the effects it has on you. Make sure you get to grips with your relationship with food so you can make better choices for your personal goals.



Siobhan and the team



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