How the BB30 Plan helped our founder Siobhan

“I am not your ‘typical’ personal trainer and, when I was dancing 13 years ago my body wasn’t seen to be a ‘typical’ build for a dancer. I had to fight so hard to keep in the shape seen to be the right type to be on stage. ‘Fight’ is definitely the right word for it. I was the same size if not much smaller than some of my fellow dance colleagues yet, I was still 1.5 to 2.0 stone heavier than them. I couldn’t understand it. I was told it wasn’t fun for the guys to lift me as it was hard work for them.

My obsession about weight caused a great deal of upset and self-destruction. It caused me to follow the wrong diets, and over excessive almost obsessive, fitness training plans. It caused me to fight in the wrong direction.

My fight didn’t stop when I left the dance world. I wanted to retain the body shape and focus from that world, and felt I needed to keep doing what I used to do. Entering the personal training world 10 years ago there wasn’t the knowledge of, or variety of choices available in nutrition and fitness that exist today. Diets were still restrictive, calorie-based and fitness was still obsessive and over excessive. I taught 2/3 spin classes a week, trained 4/5 times and ran to and from work. I was working nearly 70 hours a week.

When going out I over-ate. I then guilt tripped for days or beat myself up with an over heavy workout the next day.

I battled self-confidence issues for years. I was bullied as a child. By the time I got to 26 years old I felt exhausted by it all. So, I decided that the only way to shake off the demons of over-excessive training, guilt trips and to build back my self-confidence was to learn why this was happening and what nutrition and fitness could truly do for me. It was important to be able to integrate what I learned into my own lifestyle, without all this “macro” tracking stuff.

At 28 I started to put together the beginning of an approach that was to latre become “Beattitude”. By 30 I was fully immersed in the business. Before setting up the company, I found it easy to focus on my fitness and food without much effort, but, once I began to build the business I became stuck and overworked. My focus was no longer on myself but on my business and members. I put on more and more weight. No matter what I did my body held onto unwanted body fat and weight, I ended up constantly bouncing from doing nothing to doing everything, and then quickly burning out.

The difficulty was in trying to juggle the stress of building a business with managing all the other elements of my social and personal life and, something gave, which was looking after myself.

Although I had grown significantly with my experience in nutrition, fitness and behavioural habits, I had not experienced putting it into one hell of a busy lifestyle, one where there’s little time to focus on myself.  I could no longer workout 4/5 times a week or spend days prepping. I needed to build something that worked and fitted easily into a busy lifestyle. That’s when 3/4 years ago the Bebreakthrough30 (BB30) first came out.

It has been a backbone in keeping me healthy for years, able to cope with the hectic and often very stressful lifestyle of owning and running my own business single-handedly.

This plan may not yet be the leading app or book, but the BeBreakthrough30 (BB30) was built to have real usability in a busy life. It is designed to be totally relatable to women’s lives, because the pressure on us and how we think is so different to men, which is a simple yet indisputable fact. Our bodies react very differently, we have different hormone levels and need different sized food portions.

It took me a while to be brave enough to show these picture to you all. Like many women I have my insecurities and ups and downs. These pictures show you the progress I made when I decided to re-start the BB30 plan recently with my latest group of girls.”

— Siobhan (Founder of Beattitude)





This is not just weight loss*, but an increase in energy, fitness, body confidence and positivity. You will also decrease menstrual and peri-menopausal symptoms.

*If you’re looking for weight loss then the average results our girls see 4cm from the tummy | 8-12lbs loss | 10-15mm body fat loss.