How To Manage Body Fat And Still Socialise


Stop feeling guilty for going out or eating that piece of cake or that slice of pizza. Learn how to balance your hormones and be reliable to your body so you can go for nights out AND still manage your weight.


When we eat sugars and large amounts of carbohydrates, our blood sugar levels increase to a level that is unacceptable for our body. So…insulin steps in, takes the excess sugar from our blood and transports it to the liver where it is then converted to saturated fat. Fat is basically stored as energy for that rainy day when there is no food around. However, for many of us that rainy day never comes and we continue to eat more sugar than our body requires, and so the storage continues. Hence we gain body fat.

When we want to drop fat or maintain our weight AND still go out and enjoy the ‘nicer’ foods, what we are in fact aspiring to have is balance. When your blood sugar levels and hormone levels are balanced, the body uses the stored fat for the energy we need on a daily basis and processes the sugar instead of storing it for later (so burning our excess body fat). 

The leaner you are, the more balanced your blood sugar levels and hormones are and the better your body is at coping with ‘off plan’ meals or high levels of sporadic sugar intake. When your body is less balanced, your blood sugar levels fluctuate between highs and lows and your body is less able to cope with changes to your diet, sugar intake or a sudden increase in your energy expenditure.

For many, one off plan meal won’t have much of an affect. It is more what you do consistently that causes these affects like eating carbs to cure a hangover, or the inconsistency of your every day diet for example. We often feel guilty for going off plan, which is a learned belief – one which we help to reverse in our BeBikini nutritional programme – but it’s not just the action that we should focus on.

Here’s some of the ways you can you can bring balance to your fitness and nutrition regime AND still get the desired results, fat loss and/or weight management.


Your actions the day after a night out is when you need the most discipline. Taking the entire next day off and pigging out, and sometimes even the day after that will just add to the consequential fat stored so try to get back in the saddle. One of the biggest suggestions we give in the BeBikini programme, which works extremely well for our girls, is: Prep your meals, especially breakfast, for the next day or even week. This stops you from falling back into the ‘eat what you want’ mood that you get when you are slightly hungover. And also, drop the belief that everything needs to be perfect. We need flexibility with our diet, and we need ‘off plan’ nights and meals in order for it to be maintainable as part of a healthy lifestyle rather than just a short, restricted fad diet.


Simple…measure your progress. The more you SEE how that one night off didn’t actually affect your body in the way you thought it would, the easier it is to get back on track and the more you are focussed to do so, because you start to realise that actually that one trip up didn’t cause too much damage. 


Your body only does what it does best – survive. It is only storing the excess sugar because it is dangerous for your body to have too much in the blood. Give your body a chance to come out of survival mode and relax a little bit. Give it more balanced foods, less sugar, more water, don’t skip meals, have protein and control portion sizes. Although this sounds simple, nutrition is a very complex thing to manage purely due to the amount of emotions and learnt habits that we have towards food. Start small and aim to have a vegetable snack, or a juice with just vegetables every day. Be consistent with this, and then slowly add in more manageable tasks like drinking more water or less coffee. Don’t bulldoze your way in and then crash a week later, just do one or two things to better your nutrition, and be reliable to your body. Your body is asking you to. It needs you to.


The more reliable you are the more your body trusts you.

The more it trusts you, the less it holds onto body fat and the more energy it will give you.

Love it and it will love you back.

Start small and be a reliable source for it to flourish.

It wants you to enjoy life and have fun.

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