I don’t need another motivational quote

We don’t need another motivational quote to get results, to feel better or to feel more confident. Often we just need to change our focus. We want to share with you some of the things that have really encouraged change in our girls and helped them to get better results.


How can you make the most of your workouts if you don’t know what it is you want to get out of them?

  • Forget where someone else is in the class; where are you with your workout, fitness, and strength level? Where can you improve? Focussing on her won’t help you in achieving real results.
  • Class instructors and personal trainers are there to guide, help, and push you, but ultimately they cannot tell whether you have that extra push within yourself.
  • If you know you can do 2kg heavier, then do it.
  • If you know you can stretch just a little bit further, then do it.
  • If you know you could squeeze one more rep in, then do it.
  • If you know you have a little more speed in you, then do it.
  • You made the time to get to your workout, now use the time to focus on you, what you can do and how you can make small gains.


“It is not always about leaping, but quietly focussing on a small step forwards.”



We see it TIME AND TIME AGAIN; no measurable outcomes are set which means there is no way to understand or see how well we have done with our fitness and nutrition. The less results we see, the less motivation we have to keep going. Women tend to go head first into a plan without knowing what the real measurable outcomes are going to be. Weight alone IS NOT enough. Sometimes girls who do our BeBikini 30 day programme and only lose 1lb on the scales or none at all, but they do lose a great deal of body fat and girth (which shows them that they are getting stronger and leaner rather than lighter) One of our recent BeBikini girls came out with the quote “Tighter not lighter” which we think is great! Why should the goal always be weight loss? Give yourself more than one measurable outcome that can show you things ARE working so you can really understand the changes that are happening to your body, health and even the mind!

“Seeing is believing: once she saw it she believed it”



Women are SO focussed on doing it well, for many it is a perfection thing, but trying to aim for the perfect nutrition plan or fitness regime isn’t necessarily going to help you get results. In reality, you don’t always need to give your whole lifestyle a huge overhaul, or stop going out, or even restrict yourself to get the results you want. Rather than focus on perfection, focus on the small wins, record them down and analyse them weekly: “I managed to do 2 workouts that I promised myself I would this week”, “I swapped the chips for salad at the pub the other day”, “I picked up a slightly heavier kettlebell in class”, “I got my kit ready the night before and got up and even though I really didn’t feel like it, I remembered the why behind why I was doing this”. All of these are important small wins to recognise. Not just the “I didn’t eat any chocolate, or drink or go out at all” kind of focuses which are often attached to a weight loss/management programme. Be more positive about your small wins, and write them down.

“We win more often than we realise”



The most powerful tool is your understanding. Learn about how fitness and food will affect your body, crush learnt beliefs about what Joe bloggs would do and understand what you should do for you, your body, your hormones and your goals. Knowledge is one of the powers we transfer to our clients. Not only as part of our BeBikini 30 day programme but also regularly through monthly member emails and other exclusive offers because we want our girls to learn about how and why they do it not just do it because they are told to. The knowledge of food, understanding the foods groups, training, the gut, immune system and supplements. Knowledge is key, so stop following a points program and give yourselves a focus with your understanding about food and fitness to really and truly take charge and make a change.

“Look after the pennies and the pounds will follow”

All of these things are small but effective focuses that you can start to put in place one by one to get wins.

Here’s some of the inspirational and motivational recommendations we give to our members, and those on the BeBikini programme.

  1. TED talk on ‘Teach girls bravery not perfection’ a great 12 min TED talk; a great one to open up your understanding of this. Click here to view this video.
  2. Film ‘Through the Void’; a fantastic film on what the mind is really capable of. Here on amazon video.
  3. Byrne Katie ‘Loving what is’; a great book or audio book about how to view issues, upset and challenges. Here on audible.
  4. Hal Elrod ‘The Miracle Morning’; how to set up your day effectively. Here on audible

Our BeBikini programme is great for women who want to learn about their bodies and get the results they want but that they might have struggled to get before. Learn about what works for you, how best to implement all of this and really see some progress. It starts with 30 days but it doesn’t end at 30 days.

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