Menstrual Cycle – Your Secret Weapon To Smarter Training

When: 21 February 2019
Time: 8pm
Location: Beattitude, 669 Garratt Lane, Earlsfield, SW17 0PB

Did you know that your hormones play an important role in the changes that happen to your muscles, ligaments and tendons during and after training?

Come down to our next workshop to gain the knowledge of how you can train smarter, not harder, using the natural power of your hormones and make mother nature work for you.

Learn how to turn your menstrual cycle from a hindrance into your secret weapon!

What will you gain from this workshop?

  • Gain a holistic and realistic approach to training around your menstrual cycle
  • Learn how to get more training benefits with the same amount of work
  • Understand at what point during your cycle that your body performs best at weight lifting, endurance or cardio-vascular exercise and when is the best time to go for that personal best
  • Get a week by week plan of how to optimize your training during your cycle
  • Gain an insight into how dietary changes at certain times of your cycle can help to optimize training results
  • Learn how tracking your cycle can help you to train better
  • Learn what the arrival (or not) of your period means for your overall health
  • Learn how oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone control the menstrual cycle and what each are responsible for, and;
  • Discover how the menstrual cycle affects other aspects of health like anaemia, asthma, depression, diabetes, IBS and fertility

You will also have the opportunity to ask an experienced women’s health physio, who specialises in women’s health in sport, any questions you have during the session.

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Price: £25