Motivation will not get you results but this will…

Motivation is not what you need to achieve those result. Sure it’s what gets you started, there is motivation of a date, a goal, a fitness aim, run or challenge. But motivation IS NOT what keeps you going – no matter what the media hype says.

Motivation is knocked down when reality kicks in, when life kicks in.  It usually takes around a week before we find the process a little tiring, our prepping suffers, we have had a hard day at work and don’t feel like working out. This happens more and more and the process just seems harder to sustain.


So what is it that gets you results?


Or, perhaps the better question is…what will keep you going to your workouts, keep you prepping and planning your foods? Because these are things that get your results NOT your motivation.

The challenge really is to sustain your fitness and nutrition, anyone can have the motivation to start and energy to keep going even for 3 weeks, but then it takes a real focus and plan to get results. A plan that includes habits, that are designed for you, not your friend, mum or sister. For YOU.


Setting yourself a new goal of losing weight, prepping your food, eating healthier, is really setting yourself an expectation. Just like the expectation that you will get an essay done for school, you have those people who get it done way before the deadline, those who will leave it to the last minute, those who go off to work on it in the library because their friends are, and those who chuck it out the window refusing to do such a stupid pointless essay.


The same goes for your fitness and diet.


Many people will say ‘just do it’ get up and get to your workout, but that won’t work if it is a 6am class and you’re an ‘Owl’ (when your tendency is geared towards being more awake later on in the day). It’s much more likely that will work for you if you are a Lark – those people who love mornings (well, not love but are able to get up without too much mental willpower to workout).


How to deal with your New Year focus?

  1. Get a fitness buddy, a club, a challenge, a group that will be your driving force. It’s easier for some people to have this, as they respond better to the outward expectation of others than they do their own inward expectation. This way you WILL workout, and it will cost you less mental energy to do it. This tendency is called Obliger. If this is you then find a friend and make a pact, get on a program, join a club or a group of people who all have the same or similar goals. This is why so many of us do better when we have a buddy, tribe or program group.
  2. Get more educated. Both about fitness and food. If you are one of those people who needs to know WHY you are doing something, then get that information. Most of us are more likely to do something if we understand the WHY. Why are you wanting to cut out sugar? I ask this to so many people on our BeBikini, the answer – it puts weight on. Yes it does, but WHY? It’s amazing how many people do not know this. Same goes for squats, lunges, reaches, pulls and push movements – why are you doing it? What is it going to work? How will it benefit you? If you need this to push you harder, and keep you on track, which a Questioner does (that’s another tendency) then you will need this to keep you on track.
  3. Train at an appropriate time of day. If you are a Lark (morning person) do not put your workouts on evenings all the time, and the same goes for Owls (evening people) do not try to workout all the time in the mornings. Training at the wrong times of day can lead to larger non attending rates and increased guilty feelings.


A few other tweaks based upon our experience working so closely with so many women…

  1. Rome wasn’t built in a day – no matter how much we wish it could be! Take it one step at a time, make small changes, that build trust in yourself, in your ability to stick to something.
  2. Learn to get over the hurdles, no matter how ugly the fall was. You will have hurdles, off plan meals, missed workouts. But no matter how ugly the fall, brush yourself down and get jogging back on track again. We often see the hurdle as a pit hole that we never get out of until the next goal, date, wedding, holiday or event comes around. It’s not a pretty pit to stay in, so haul yourself out and learn. Next time, the fall won’t be a fall it’ll be a stumble because you’ll have learnt, and you’ll trust you CAN get back up.


Habits are a huge part to getting those results.

Habits are damn difficult to stick to (initially) which is why you should only pick ONE and do it until you’re sure it’s now a habit – i.e. something you do with little mental energy, like brushing your teeth – you simply do it.

When we fail at habits, it builds mistrust in ourselves, in our ability to stick to something as well as mistrust in the program we’ve chosen, even the person leading it too.

This is why sometimes we feel it’s more effort to start something – we often go into it not really believing in ourselves or the program. Our learned behaviour is that we will fail, or not really get the results we are after.


Try working out twice a week for 3 months, when you get that sorted, ONLY THEN add another session in.


I hope this helps this you see you have the motivation, you just need to look a little harder at the process. 


There is a reason we are focused on purely WOMEN’S health and fitness, and it is because we a have 7 times more hormones than men, and we think about food and fitness differently. We NEED a focused plan that not only gives us the results, but give us real time, usable tricks that really aren’t tricks, they are simply focused on how women’s minds and body respond to weight loss and health gains.

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Siobhan and the Beattitude Team


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