Do You NEED to Workout to Manage Your Weight?

When women want to lose weight, the focus should not about how much you weight (unless you are in the bracket that needs to for health reasons), but instead about staying healthy, getting strong and having total body confidence. 

Many women prefer to just diet and not do any form of exercise. This can be very beneficial in the beginning, because focussing on one thing and getting it done well, rather than a million things and doing them less well, can create a much stronger lifestyle change and positive mindset. However, learnt beliefs and behaviours doing it this way are focussed on restriction of calories and little education of how food can actually benefit you. If you are restricting calories without exercising, there will come a time where your weight loss will plateau, and, in this instance, what usually happens is added restriction through further decrease of calorie intake, or, going ‘off plan’ because we’re tired and burnt out. 

Lowering calorie intake also lowers metabolic rate (the rate at which our body burns energy / calories)

Your body is clever, and the lower amount you feed it the lower it will move your metabolic rate to match this. You bodies one focus is to survive, this is it’s survival technique. 

When we workout, we workout to be strong, fit, healthy, happy, and more often then not, to tone, tighten and better our muscle to body fat ratio. Muscles require more energy to keep them sustained, so, having a more optimal muscle mass (that lean mass not bulky) will actually increases your metabolism (the rate at which your body burns energy a.k.a calories). 

Having better muscle to body fat ratio actually BETTERS your metabolism.

Basically this means you can actually eat a little more (in relation to your exercise activity) even if you are only working out once or twice a week, you will gain better muscle to body fat ratio and this not only benefits your weight management, and not having to get super restrictive with your foods, but it betters your health and wellbeing too. 

Adding in weight training can help you body to burn calories even after your workout has finished – it’s known as Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen consumption (EPOC) and will happen post weight training or post HIIT workouts. The length of time that EPOC occurs post exercise with long steady state exercise such as x-trainer or treadmill walking is much less than if you were to do weights or HIIT training.

So, yes, for better weight management, mindset, energy, health, strength and tone, you do need to workout, it doesn’t matter whether that is walking to work more, doing a 30 minute class or taking a jog, it’s movement and movement is exercise. 

Our tip is to workout a number of times per week that you can constantly stick to (if that is one session then that is what is right for you), and manage your food so that it is a balance of good fats, carbohydrate, fruit, protein and dairy. Incorporate weight training, either body weight, Ketttlebells or any other form of weight training that is accessible to you. If you are just starting out working out again then rather than hitting the heavy weights and causing more resistance to the plan and less enjoyment, start slowly. This will also shake and wake up your fat building bodies (called mitochondria) more effectively. Think of them as sleeping giants (you haven’t been working out for a while so they went into hibernation) – we all like to wake up gently, we’re less angry and more functional that way.