Our Top 3 Tips For a More Successful Long Term Weight Loss Plan

When it comes to starting a new nutrition or fitness plan, many women find the nutrition side of things difficult to understand and stick to. We come across issues like;

  • Hesitation about what to eat when out and about
  • Unsure of food types when doing the food shop
  • Skipping a meal just because there isn’t a healthy version available and you would rather not eat than eat off-plan
  • Thinking you have to stop eating carbs and avoid things like bread or pasta
  • Suffering with constipation after starting a new diet plan
  • Mentally tired by trying to stick to a points system
  • Feeling the strain on your social life and motivation
  • Thinking you have to cut out alcohol and sugar completely
  • A belief that perfection is key, and training should be tough

These problems are SO common, but common does not need to mean normal.

Diet, weight loss and health are not just about what you eat or following a strict points system. For longer term results, it’s about knowledge of foods and food groups, being confident in understanding food labels, doing a plan without feeling restricted, and most of all, seeing and feeling the results without causing mental exhaustion.

This may sound like you have to do a PHD degree in psychology and nutrition, but you don’t.

First of all, start with these top 3 things that we drill into all our girls on our BeBreakthrough nutrition and weight loss plans. Why? Because you will ALWAYS be drawn towards things that bring you more pleasure. If your plan simply provides discomfort and pain, causes tiredness, and makes you feel utterly restricted, then it’s never going to last, you will always get drawn back to the more ‘pleasurable’ foods.


Firstly, there are no ‘bad’ or ‘good’ foods, simply less helpful or more helpful towards your goals. A piece of chocolate is, well, just a piece of chocolate. But, if you put it in concept of your goals, having the whole bar is going to be less helpful to your weight loss goal than having just one square. There is no bad or good, simply less or more helpful.


Secondly there are no ‘cheat’ meals. Cheating doesn’t exist. You are either on-plan or off-plan. Being ‘off-plan’ may involve a glass of wine or two, with a pudding. This again, is not ‘bad’. In our plans, we help you view each day easier with a ‘dartboard’ view.


Lastly, there is absolutely no restriction being put on you. You CAN eat all the foods you wish. Unless you have a watchman following you around smacking your hand every time you eat something off plan, there is absolutely no restriction upon what you can eat. All foods are available. It is never a restriction, it is a decision, and one that you make with your goals in mind, not with an “I can’t have” mindset. What we tend to get our girls to ask themselves is “what would be a little better” and “what would be a little worse?”. On a night out, a little better would be a glass of wine or two with salmon and veg and a pudding. A little worse would be a glass of wine or two, bread, pudding and fish and chips.

The saying goes “easier said than done”. Which is true, to change our mindset and habits around food, diet, fitness and fat loss, we sometimes need support.

If you’re looking for this and more, come and join our next BeBreakthrough30 Plan. These are just some of the tips we give our girls but much, much more.