A Powerful Natural Antibiotic For Your Body

It’s not only Winter that’s the season for colds, flu and feeling bloated. Many of us suffer from these things all year round, along with foggy brain, energy dips and low mood. Winter is just a time that a lot more people suffer from these things, and thus is highlighted more. Antibiotics are fabulous inventions which are life saving.  In some cases however they are unnecessary, and end up being used as a go to ‘just in case’. You may have seen media recently around not taking them just in case and I totally agree with that.  Antibiotics are synthetic and although they can fight and kill harmful bacteria, they can also harm our own gut flora and disrupt our hormone balance (which affects our mood, energy and weight management), so taking them “just-in-case” can really screw up with our body’s balance. If you have read anything around weight loss, energy management and health you will know that balance, or more importantly, balancing your hormones and immune system is the key to doing this.


People are rapidly coming back around to old methods of fighting colds and flu such as chicken broth, but there are other foods that are just as good, that you already have in your kitchen, and possibly do not use as much as you could do. Foods / herbs such as Oregano.


This powerful herb offers much more than just adding taste to your meals; it is in fact a very powerful natural antibiotic.


It is seriously nutritious and, if that wasn’t enough, it helps to fight inflammation.  Inflammation, when we are stressed, overworked under-eating and/or and overtraining can be something we all suffer from. Your gut holds more flora than cells combined within your body, and these little bods help manage your health, immune system and energy. When we take synthetic antibiotics we not only kill bad bacteria but we damage our good bacteria too – granted at certain times this is necessary! But in times when we are suffering from low mood, energy dips, bloated-ness, weight gain (or trouble losing weight) there can be other options to you such as oregano oil or adding more of the herb into your diet.


Why? How does it help your good bacteria balance?

Your gut is like a car park – there are only spaces enough for a certain amount of flora, and if you have bad bacteria sitting in the bays, your own good flora cannot take up a space, and the same goes the other way around. When we take antibiotics we clear our the bad and the good, BUT when we take oregano oil, we clear out the bad, leaving the good. This will really support getting you back on track to a better balanced body with your immune system. More good bacteria, less bad, and your immune system is more powerful.


Oregano Oil also helps fight inflammation.

When our body is bloated, or when we are unwell, even when we are feeling over stressed, our body can be in a state of low level inflammation.  This means our body is running its immune system on a slow burner. This is something we do not want – we want our immune system off until we need it. Oregano oil not only supports us by being a powerful natural antibiotic, but it helps us also because it is a powerful anti-inflammatory. Beta-Caryophyllin is the active ingredient in Oregano.


There are ways you can use Oregano to help support weight loss, better energy balance, better immune function and better health, and see the signs your body is notifying you that it’s stressed, or not being supported by you.

Listen to your body!


We don’t fail because we don’t know what to do, we fail because we don’t do what we know.


You know when you are struggling with weight loss, bloated-ness, energy dips and low mood – and these are all signs that your body is sending you to sit up and listen – it is not happy or it is not balanced. I hear a lot of women accuse their body of not being good enough, healthy enough. But you cannot accuse your body of being a failure if you yourself are not taking care of it or covering the basics of a healthy diet and lifestyle. Not eating enough, not consuming enough vegetables, being too sedentary, or not giving your body enough down time and also taking antibiotics just-in-case. All of these things will inhibit your body’s ability to achieve what you are asking if it. All of this sounds easy but can in fact be quite a difficult thing to master as we all get a little wound up in lots of people telling us different ways to get what it is that we want. If you have been looking for every possible method of achieving better results, decreasing bloated-ness, increasing weight loss, and overall health improvement then the great news is that we have done all the leg work for you.


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Siobhan and the Beattitude Team



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