Pre and post natal women want to feel strong, fit and confident with their bodies. There are so many changes to your body it can be daunting and overwhelming for many, especially those who are used to working out. Exercise is a factor that can not just help keep your body strong, fit and mobile, but it can and does help mentally with still feeling yourself. We can help you achieve your goals, and keep exercising to a level that makes you feel great.

We have progressive, levelled workouts, available in a variety of training methods; strength, cardio, circuits, yoga. 


Many Pregnancy and Post Natal classes consist of sitting on Swiss Balls, lifting weights lighter than handbags, shopping or current children, and doing single leg raises as a way of ‘challenging the core’. Our pre and post natal classes put huge importance between the correlation actual goals (strong, fit, healthy, mobile, confident) and how women actually move in their daily lives. This means that you won’t find one Swiss Ball in any of our classes, you will be lifting, pushing, pulling and generally passing a ‘fit for purpose’ form of exercise prescription.

Our workouts will get your functionally strong, and keep you feeling confident about your body. ‘Life’ is very much done in the vertical / non-seated position and the last time any of us checked, women do not have the luxury of sitting on Swiss Balls all day.

This doesn’t mean you are swinging and lifting super heavy weights, it means that the movement patterns we use are standing, lunging, squatting, pushing, pulling, reaching and twisting with weights, bodyweight and bands that are a suitable level for each individual.


Diastasis (otherwise known as separation of the abdominals) happens to 99% of women in their 3rd trimester. Many will be lucky enough for their DR to come back together, however if by 8 weeks post natal, it has not you will require a little help and the rigth corrective exercises to help with this. We are experts in Diastasis, pelvic floor and corrective exercises.

During pregnancy, it is beneficial to know how to not extend diastasis, and post natal it is beneficial to know which exercises to avoid, which are beneficial and what to focus on when you are exercising. Our B’Form and B’Bump classes teach you everything you need to know about both of these.

Whether you have had a c-section or vaginal birth, your pelvic floor has experienced an increase of pressure / stress through the 9 months of carrying a pregnancy. Therefore we do advise that you have a period after labour whereby you do focus on re-strengthening the pelvic floor. Kegels is a great exercise that allows you to ‘feel’ and clench your pelvic floor, however adding functional movement, weight and direction to this movement can strengthen it further and allow you, in future, to not have to ‘think’ about your pelvic floor. 


We have a large number of classes that you can attend pre and post natal. Before we advise you on this it is beneficial for us to have a more in depth understanding of the pregnancy, your exercise history and your labour details. Pre and post natal fitness is not a one size fits all, and we don’t specifically have a ‘post natal’ class, because for many this would be too easy or too hard. Our classes are programmed to work on pelvic floor, core, strength and technique at different levels. B’Form is a class that focusses on pelvic floor and core reconnection (diastasis supportive exercises), as well as lengthening the front of the body and strengthening the back of the body, all whilst getting you hot and sweaty. 

Other classes that you can attend during and post natal are below. However we do advise that you speak to use first, attend a B’Form class post natal or a B’Bump class pre natal and then we can take it from there. There are SO many options for both stages, it’s just about tailoring it to you. 

Each of these classes have been designed by our founder, Siobhan Middleton (a movement and pre and postnatal specialist) along with over movement specialists, osteopaths and women’s health physiotherapists. 


There are MANY classes on our timetable that are pregnancy safe and suitable. It is a case of enquiring and allowing us to know a little more about your background, history, injuries as well as the pregnancy itself. We can then guide you correctly. If you are looking for pregnancy specific classes then B’Bump will be your go to for conditioning and Pregnancy Yoga. Give us a call or email to chat further or just book a pregnancy class! (myofascia)


B’Form is a full body workout created to get results. An incredibly functional class working through strength exercises to tighten the core, better posture and regain function and strength to the pelvic floor and diastasis recti. You can also attend our strength class B’Lift, our core class B’Core and our Boxing class B’Boxing. All of our trainers are trained in functional core work, diastasis recti, pelvic floor rehabilitation and have the skill to progress each clients individually. For a greater insight call or email us and we can get an idea of your pregnancy, history and how we can help.


In order to support more women, we have an in house Diastasis clinic with a women’s health physio once a month, to help check, and monitor your progress.

We also have a creche and indoor buggy park that is only £14 a month for unlimited access or 6 Pay as you go.

There is nothing stopping you in our eyes. So either book a free taster of contact us!