Healthier, Happier, Stronger.

This girl we are incredibly proud of. Not only has she not given up she has proved herself and us that she is such a strong person. No matter what your limitations, she has proved to us and herself that she can do whatever she wants. Not only has she altered her body but she has actually increased her movement ability and is really pushing harder than she ever has! Well done!!! Read her story below…


“I am a 36 year old who has hip displasia since I was born. 18 months ago I was in a lot of pain, eating unhealthy food and feeling miserable. 9 months ago I had a hip arthroscopy. 2 months ago I had a hip injection, finally pain free and carrying extra weight I decided to do something about it.

I am always sceptical about ‘losing weight fast’ programs. But after reading about others testimonials I decided it was only 30 days and could give me the motivation I was looking for.

Working in an office where every birthday was a slice of cask and there are always¬†treats around, I was in a habit of eating a lot of the wrong foods. I had the typical 3pm crash and are a lot of sugar. I knew what changes I wanted to make but didn’t have the ‘push’ to do it.

I found the BeBikini 30 Day Program easy to follow as the regular emails were very informative and helpful. Writing goals on paper really helped me too! I also like the mindfulness of the program because a lot of programs don’t take the ‘power of the mind’ into them.

As first it was a challenge, but after your first measurements are taken you see results you have more motivation. I lost a few cm’s off all over, increase confidence and the knowledge to carry on with my nutritional plan.

I would definitely recommend the BeBikini 30Day Program!