Our mission is to bring women effective, safe, inspiring, interesting, innovative, fitness and nutrition within one club and community.



Our B’Series are a range of workouts unique to our club, that differ in levels, technique, intensities and focus. Tailored to the female physique, mindset and goals.

HIIT, Core Conditioning, Strength, Pre, Post Natal, Yoga, Stretch, Boxing and Flexibility.



We have such flexible options that allow you to attend for as little as £4.50 a class. Our founder Siobhan Middleton is extremely passionate about the topic of membership costs. She does not feel that women should have to pay more to get the service and professionalism that they need and want. Offering women an affordable yet high quality service is one of the main mission statements of Beattitude. 

We have Pay As You Go, Monthly Subscription and Personal Training options. 

If you are new to the club then we also have some great intro offers too.



It is extraordinary what happens when you create an environment of trust, giving and professionalism. Beattitude brand and club strives to give back to its clients, through the means of education, options and advice as well as some kick ass classes. The club, fitness and nutritional offerings are all tailored specifically for women – determined professionals, motivated mums, bubbly socialites and more recently, fabulous teens. It is a strong community of women striving for the same thing, confidence, health, fitness, knowledge and fun. 



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