The Perfect Time To Start

So many of us wait to start a new fitness and nutrition journey. We wait for a Monday; for the right clothes; for xyz to be over; for the proper motivation…the list of reasons to put it off can be endless. But girls, there is no “perfect time” and thinking there is and waiting for it just leaves us waiting and waiting for the life we’d really like.

Are we in pursuit of perfection? Our fear of “looking different” or “doing it wrong”…or maybe that feeling that there are other things that need to be put ahead of our own fitness and nutrition goals.

Well girls, let me tell you…
There is no perfect time
There is no perfect plan
There is no perfect goal
And there never will be.

As women, we tend to strive to be 100% on track when it comes to our fitness and nutrition, and anything less counts as a fail. Often we don’t want to start until we think we’re ready to REALLY commit.

But the fact is that if you aim for perfection you are going to fail in results, enjoyment and most importantly in your chances of maintaining whatever it is you’re doing.

Starting a fitness and nutrition regime or plan thinking “If I don’t’ stick to it 100% of the time I might as well give up” eventually leads to doing absolutely nothing and being fed up and cynical about what you can achieve; trapped in a cycle of constantly needing to start again because maintaining it seems impossible.

Starting can be the hardest part! Give yourself a break, nutrition and fitness is a lifestyle, not a fad, and mindset is vital to a healthy lifestyle. You’re going to go out, you’re not going to make every single gym session you plan to but neither of these (nor any other ‘trip ups’) are reason to give up!

Fitness is now a minefield of girls in sports bras, washboard stomachs, tans, perfect fitness gear, uber-bendy legs, backs, arms, heads. You name it and there are a zillion pictures of people who can do it (apparently better than you!). Sometimes it can be hard to begin when in the back of our minds, thanks to our scrolling, we’re wondering if because we don’t look like what we ‘think’ fitness should look like, or can’t do even half of what ‘she can’ we are going to be judged. And guess what…we’re usually already judging ourselves. It’s hard not to compare ourselves, but try and remember we are meant to be different, we have our own lives and other people have theirs. As Teddy Roosevelt’s would say…“comparison is the thief of joy”.

Our lives are busy, and it’s easy to put everything else ahead of our nutrition and fitness goals. Maybe you’re already tasked with prepping meals for others and you need to eat something different to reach your goals so it becomes a mammoth job. Or you have to commute to and from work so the thought of adding a trip to the gym into an already long day can be daunting. But, people do it. It’s not impossible. If you can set yourself some achievable goals and get some support in place, you’ll be more able to maintain the lifestyle you are looking for. Start by making small changes (and not being too restricted) so you’re more likely to keep it up and you’ll get more energy, confidence, satisfaction and pride for what you have achieved.

So, while starting is easy to put off, it can also be the first day of something amazing if you let it. And, starting simply means initiating some sort of an action.

Starting is asking for something at a counter, not just standing there looking at the cashier waiting for them to guess. Any of you girls either starting a brand new goal or perhaps re-starting a previous one – pro tip, don’t do it alone!

Not sure where to begin? Wondering what suits you now compared to before? Want to come at it from a different mindset this time?

Get support. Just for now

In order for a rocket to leave the earth, it has to fire extra-hard against gravity. It needs a boost. We can start — and stay moving — on our own. But it definitely helps when someone or something, like a programme or a plan, gives us a push or a pull in the right direction and the boost we need to kick start our journey. It’s easy to start something, but some of us need a little help to keep it going!

And eventually, we don’t need that extra boost any more, we are whizzing along just fine on our own!


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