We give you permission to do this

Since I opened Beattitude around 3 years ago my priorities have shifted massively. I used to workout so much, and my eating habits were consistent. I was then thrown into the completely new, and daunting (initially) world of business.


My number 1 priority was my business, my members and my staff.

I missed training sessions

I grabbed what I could on the go.

This was ok for a while; I would say I was “fire fighting” for about a year.

I didn’t notice my energy levels, I was high on business. I didn’t notice my priorities slipping far away from me, my health and the amount of time I gave myself permission to “chill out” was near to none.


Then it hit me one day….

…I was tired,

…I lacked energy,

…I couldn’t concentrate much,

…I found it hard to get up on a morning,

…And had big energy dips in the afternoons.

…I found decision making hard and found my confidence in myself drifting.


I see the same thing in many women throughout their lives.


Mums, young women in work, or owning and running their own business…all struggling to prioritise themselves above other aspects going on in their lives.


And what do you think the number one reason is?


I wasn’t, and other women aren’t, giving ourselves permission to prioritise ourselves.  For me the knock on effect was massive. I gained weight, and even when I did diet, I found it hard to lose anything, my energy lacked and concentration and confidence were disappearing fast. I see this in many of our members.

The fact is, if you do not allow yourself some priority it CAN affect your body, energy, hormones, mindset, body confidence and more.


When your self worth is low, your confidence is on the floor and you don’t feel comfortable in your own skin it’s very hard to consider investing in yourself.


But this is something I want to GIVE YOU PERMISSION TO DO.


Do you know why they ask you to put your mask on first if an aeroplane starts to lose oxygen? It’s because you have around 15 seconds of air before it’s too late and you’re out for the count. If you are trying to help someone else and you miss that window, you can’t help either yourself or them. So, looking after you will help look after others.


If you have a business; are you are working all hours, not stopping for a proper lunch break (something I did quite a lot), perhaps you wake up and the first thing you do is look at your emails, you might feel guilt for taking time out to workout, or prep food. All these aspects are draining your energy. You NEED energy for your business, you need clarity sometimes, and clarity comes when we step away slightly to look at the bigger picture.

If you prep healthier food choices, your body will be less sluggish, you will sleep better and so on…the list is long and everything has a knock on effect.


If you have children, this is a huge one. Many mums do not feel they can prioritise themselves. But in order for you to be calm, happy, confident, to be able to love others, you firstly need to love and prioritise yourself a little. Even if it is for 30 minutes.


Whatever your situation, the less your prioritise yourself, the further away you get from balance, confidence, energy and happiness.


If you don’t give yourself permission…









Siobhan and the Beattitude Team



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