A journey that led to an amazing transformation

“I’m 39 and work as a freelance journalist. Before beginning the BeBikini I was really sceptical about my willpower! Also, I was sceptical about being able to lose weight and how I could do this while still enjoying life!

When I was on the program I struggled with learning how to cook healthy meals without pasta, jacket potatoes, and having a balanced diet as I ate these quite a lot! 

The first week was tough, but once you get into the swing of it and understand the food groups, aims and tasks it’s really easy!

At the end of the program, I felt much more balanced, hormonally and a surge of energy. My skin has improved and I lose about 14 pounds after doing it twice – couldn’t believe it. I’m the same weight I was at age 32 and can turn 40 with more confidence and with tools for continuing how to be health and balanced. 

I would definitely recommend the BeBikini program for health, knowledge and weight loss. I loved the daily emails as they kept you on track and I love the weekly weight in’s, they were really motivating when you saw results.”