What Is Your Winter Fitness Goal?

Winter is the perfect time for you to become a couch potato, eat an endless amount of comfort food while watching your favourite TV series at night. It is a great opportunity to miss your morning workouts because bed is just TOO warm and snuggly, and its so easy to hide behind those ginormous jumpers and coats!


It’s the perfect time to use winter to focus on your health goal(s)!

Have you ever checked out that person in spring and gone – damn I wish I had just ignored those voices in my head and just gotten up and done my workouts! Even though the first option sounds pretty good, we all know that option two is much better for our health- physically, emotionally and mentally!

Winter goals don’t necessarily have to be weight related! It’s about getting into a healthy routine that works with the weather, feeling happy and confident within ourselves and not reaching for comfort food, or buying new clothes, or grabbing another glass of wine to make yourself feel better. It’s about setting goals that are important to you and reaching them to make you feel good about yourself.

Winter is known to influence weight gain, and decrease our motivation to workout. We spend much more time indoors being less active, we usually drink less water and we often find those comfort foods just way too enticing! We all know this! But it is important that we are mindful of what we are actually doing.

Get Motivated…

Motivation can be the hardest part but there are some simple steps that we think are important to put into place to help you sustain motivation. Motivation can be quashed simply by having no routine! You don’t know where you are going, what you are focused on, and where the end goal is.

It is probably much harder to get motivated this time of the year. However it’s time for us to stop making excuses and use winter as a time to focus on our goals. Most health goals are not going to happen overnight, they aren’t going to happen in a week or so either! (e.g. girls we know how those minds work!)

So here are some a, b, c, steps this winter.

Step 1. Set yourself some achievable goals!

Many of our girls who come to the Kickstart Bikini Body Program find it hard to sit down and actually think about their goal PROPERLY! Because you need to make them relevant and achievable! As well as mark out milestones. The goal of ‘I want to lose weight’ is so loose you’ll almost certainly never achieve it! Where exactly do you want to lose weight? What part of your body? How will you SEE that you are on your way (not there yet but a milestone motivation!)

Quite often our goals are weight related, but actually when you are happier and more confident, less stressed and more organised, weight loss comes as a bonus. So is it that you need to focus on these first? Simple things such as:

  1. Drink at least 3 litres of water a day
  2. Complete at least two morning workouts and two ‘other time’ workouts to increase my muscle tone, fitness and feel good factor.
  3. Aim to eat at least 7 serves of veggies a day

Once you decide on your goal(s), write it down, stick it up on your fridge, save it as your screen saver on your phone, it doesn’t matter where just so long as you can see it and get a reminder!

Step 2. Build a routine 

Get yourself into a routine and start meal planning for the week. When will you prep and cook your meals? When will you do the shopping? What days are you going to workout on and what time and what routine are you going to do? In winter we tend to try to emphasise this to all of our members – no matter what your mind says, if you have planned to do a specific class on a specific day and time, make it happen.

Also! In winter not having your gym kit out ready and waiting for you on a morning can be a HUGE motivation dampener. Get your kit ready on the evening and then there are no excuses you cant find it in the mornings!

Step 3. Clear out the pantry

Just check what you have in your cupboards. We have all done that ‘kitchen dance’ where we walk, open up the cupboards and just have a ‘look’ because we are bored!! Prepare yourself so you don’t slip up through boredom! Is your pantry stocked with healthy ingredients and snacks? If not, its time to give it a clean out!

Step 4. Build a good healthy recipe list

Find at least 5 healthy winter recipes that you like. Print these off or write them down and try add them into your weekly meal plan this winter.

Step 5. Assess

If your fitness regime is out of whack compared to usual. Take a minute to think why? If it’s because you’re finding it too cold to go for a walk in the morning or do your outdoor fitness class, then think of an alternative. Book a free taster with Switch Fitness London or find a workout you can do at home!

Step 6. Get Help

Sometimes it is just a case of letting someone else sort your program for you, show you the results and help you through step by step to keep you on track!