Why Some Women NEED a Training Buddy

Ever wondered why your friend can workout alone…yet you struggle to muster the motivation?

It’s not that she is more motivated than you. Find out why…


Setting yourself the goal of ‘going to the gym’ or ‘getting to class’ is setting yourself a new habit, and a habit is an expectation that you are setting for yourself.


But we are all different, and so the way we respond to expectations is also different.


There are many ‘healthy’ habits out there, all which help weight loss, energy and improving your fitness, but the biggest habit you are really looking for is to be able to be consistent. You want to be able to stick with your habits, get them done and get the results. Inconsistency gets you nowhere but a yo-yo weight and energy fluctuation, oh and don’t forget frustrated.


Expectations can come from

…us (internal)

…or others (external)


Some people respond better to internal expectations (so goals we set of ourselves), whereas others respond better to external (goals that others set for us).


Think about these…

  • Do people often turn to you for help to edit a report or help at an event last minute because they know you will pitch in?
  • Have you given up making New Year’s resolutions because you just never keep them?
  • Are you the type of person who might do something to be a good role model for someone else even if that thing is not something you would do for yourself?
  • Do you often get frustrated by the fact that you make time for other people’s priorities yet struggle to make your own?
  • Have you had success on a nutrition or fitness program before where you were in a group or had to show up at a certain time for a meeting or weigh in?
  • You don’t have to be all of these things, but if a few resonate with you then there is every reason for you to need a training buddy to help you stay on track with your fitness routine. These point to a tendency which requires an external expectation rather than internal.


This means you will be more consistent, your training more effective, and long term results will be easier, if you  pick up a training buddy, or join a group that you makes you accountable.


But, why consider this?

Well, it’s not just to keep your consistency up, but to help weight loss, fat loss AND energy balance…

  1. The further you move away from HOW YOU respond to expectations, the more mental energy and ‘willpower’ will be required for you to stay on track. Which often leads to the statement ‘this is so tiring’. It will feel tiring if you are fighting who you are.
  2. Now, the more mental energy required for you to be able to sustain and stick to your program, the less time your body is actually allowed to relax. (Relaxing turns on your parasympathetic nervous system which really helps energy balance and digestion).
  3. The less time your body spends in a relaxed state (no I don’t mean having a bath – just not continually over thinking) the less it is sitting into your opposite system (your sympathetic nervous system) which switches digestion off, switches your immune system on and increases cortisol levels.  This in turn can have the effect of excess tummy fat and bloating.


So, in a nutshell…these reasons are why so many women work better when they have a training buddy, or why you achieved  more consistency when you joined that group for nutrition and/or fitness.


If this is you, then stop trying to muster the strength to fight who you are, and find a group, a buddy, someone who shares similar goals, who will decrease your need to spend countless hours motivating yourself to get to the gym. You’ll find it easier and more enjoyable.


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