Join us at the club for group classes, group Personal Training sessions or 1-2-1 Personal Training sessions. We also have a range of online workout options!

At Beattitude we offer unique workouts tailored specifically for women and we are passionate about creating a supportive community for women to enjoy fitness

Our trainers are all female fitness experts and our unique workouts are designed to suit women of all ages, fitness abilities and stages of life.

We use progressive and flexible options in each class rather than a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach and have designed a range of unique workouts including HIIT, strength, core, mobility and, Pilates and Yoga.

“As women, we experience a series of significant changes throughout our lives, including pre/postnatal, menstruation and the menopause and we also have a higher number of hormones which change on a daily basis” she says. “It’s so important that as women, we are placed in a fitness space with professionals who can support the growth of our own knowledge around how our bodies work, so that our overall health and fitness can thrive.”

Siobhan Middleton, Beattitude’s Founder

We want to make coming to the Beattitude club the highlight of your day. We believe that fitness has the power to change everything from improving your health to the quality of your sleep and your overall outlook on life.  Our mission is to enable you to feel strong and empowered through taking ownership of your fitness and at the same time, provide an opportunity to join a community of strong, fearless, positive, down to earth and ambitious women. It’s all about creating balance in your life, which is why we love working out, but we also enjoy a glass of wine.